Online slots will have the same control button as the slot machines in the casino, but playing through the online system will start by opening the user id and the member will receive the credit amount according to the actual deposit amount.

Then take entry into the game to press play or spin for winning results. Symbol to come out in tandem horizontally, vertically or diagonally by each game there will be a different arrangement from left to right and so on. This time you will get to know the meaning of playing mega888 download is that each button, each letter on the screen.

What does it mean as follows:

  • Online slot games
  • Auto spin happens to be an automatic control button which can be well-defined. How many times will you play?
  • Balance is the total amount of all credit funds of members.
  • Line bet is the number of bets you choose.
  • Lines is the number of lines displayed. The players are able to play from 1 line to 30 lines, based on the game.
  • Max bet happens to be a button for clicking on the extreme bet on lines and money both.
  • Pay table use to be a menu button for specifics of the slot game. The symbol what use to be the rate of payout?
  • Spin is the control button to start spinning. For guessing sound
  • Total bet is the amount of credit that are placed at that time.
  • Win use to be the amount that members use to have put in that time originally.

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