As with real casinos, virtual casinos also offer a series of bonuses and incentives to all users while the payout percentages differ according to the site and the type of game. To start we can say that online casinos can be divided into two types:

“ Web-based ” where the entire phase of the game takes place in an online interface

” Download casino ” where it is necessary to download and install the software on your computer which then “hooks up” to the online gaming platform online casino Singapore.

In the case of web-based casinos, the dealer’s site offers the user the possibility to play online without having to download. All games are presented in a graphical interface generally in Flash or Java. Interfaces not supported by new devices such as iPod, iPad and iPhone. For this reason, following the exponential growth of mobile traffic deriving from these devices, many casinos today also have HTML interfaces perfectly supported by all the latest generation iPod, iPad, and iPhone models. A good example is the Betnero online casino, which offers a huge range of games that can be used directly from your browser from any device and without having to download any software online casino Singapore.

The ” download casinos “, on the other hand, require the game software to be downloaded and installed on your computer. In this case, it is the online casino software that connects directly to the casino service provider and manages the entire game phase without browser support. The advantage currently lies entirely in speed as download-based online casinos are faster than “web-based” as graphics, audio, and game engine are located within the software client (already installed on the computer) and do not have to be uploaded from the Internet. To be sure that you are downloading genuine software without any malware it is always advisable to play on Italian casinos with a regular AAMS license which is legal and safe.

Most casinos offer both possibilities also because players generally prefer to first experience the casino room by playing it online and then decide to download and install it at a later time.

Another “recent” peculiarity is the ” Live Gaming ” through which it is possible to play online “live” games such as roulette and blackjack. You will have the feeling of being really present in a physical casino thanks to the fantastic and realistic atmosphere created “ad hoc” as well as the possibility of interacting with the dealer in real-time. It will even be possible to view a video of the game action (or choose to disable this function if you do not have a computer that is powerful enough in terms of ram and bandwidth).

All casinos offer huge sign-up bonuses for new players who make their first deposit and keep playing. These bonuses represent a sort of “small investment” of the dealer with the hope of “retaining” the player also due to the saturation of the market which today has a wide range of choices.